21 February 2012

Summer pea F1 growouts - developing pods and some anomolies

I've just been out to have a look at my snow pea F1 growouts a bit more closely. These were wrong way crosses, recessive pollen to dominant flower, so I shouldn't be able to tell if my pollinations were successful or were crosses. 

pic 1 - lovely purple pods in the F1

pic 2 - blotchy not so purple pods in the F1

But the pods, which should be nice and purple, are only tinged with purple for one of the crosses - I wonder what is going on since the female parent "Purple Podded - Lost Seed Co"is the same in both cases.

The plants are growing in pots next to each other, so should have the same growth conditions (tho the 'not so purples' are in a smaller pot with two plants, and the 'lovely purples' are in a slightly larger pot with three plants.

But there are some other differences as well - 'not so' has less full pods, and was earlier in flowering, 'lovely' has more flowers and larger, fuller pods. Hmmm, back to the text books...


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