26 January 2012

Summer pea growouts

In an attempt to shorten the generational time span, and get results more quickly, I sowed an experimental lot of F1 seeds from spring breeding program. These were only 2 or 3 seeds from a number of 'wrong way' crosses (recessive pollen to dominant flower). My total seed haul of crosses was about 80 seeds - too many to grow out this coming season, so I thought I would experiment and see if I could get some F2 seed over summer. Accepted wisdom is that peas don't grow well in summer - especially here in Bendigo where summer temperatures commonly exceed 32C for days, or weeks, on end.

But I cunningly selected a shady spot round the south side of the house, in a recently excavated walkway, so the area is both shady and cooled by the brick house on one side, and the railway sleeper and drystone wall on the other, niether of which receives much direct sunlight.
I've been surprised by the results.
One batch is now about 1.6 metres high, and still powering on, and the other about 1.4 metres, and just commencing flowering. If they set pods, I should have some F2 seed to work on this autumn.

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