06 October 2013

A community breeding project - the Golden Spring growout

Cooperative breeding
I’ve got too many lines of peas to explore- -the flurry of crosses I did when I first realised I could cross peas resulted in about 30 or 40 seeds to grow into F1 plants. But these F1 plants produce hundreds of F2 seed, across 5 or 6 various lines – too many to grow. I just selected a couple of the lines to grow out, and have been sitting on these bags of F2 seed, that hold some interesting genetic potential, with no space to explore them.

A correspondent (Damien) answered one of my whinging complaints by offering to grow some for me. Preposterous! My precious F2 seed? No way…

But I gave it some more thought, pondered, then cautiously asked for volunteers on the garden forum I frequent, Ozgrow, to help with one of the F2 lines, Golden Spring, a cross between Golden Podded and Oregon Spring. So AllyH, Raymondo, Aussiejumbo and Damien are now on board as F2 growout-ers. Get sowing folks.

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