18 August 2013

A late winter update - F1 carrots

A quick update after 3 months away from the garden. Around April I broadcast sowed a 2.5 metre bed with the seed from my seed seive tray that didn't get collected, the stuff that fell through the mesh.

The bed got thinned just before I left for my extended holiday in May, and had a few subsequent thins from the house sitter.
Most of the carrots (that may or may not be F1s, since they are the result of a mass interplanted mix of varieties which might have crossed, but also may have selfed. Below, a handful of the thinnings from last week, showing a majority of yellows and whites, which might be because of dominant genes, the  mix of varieties in the seed mix, germination  success, or chance.


  1. White is dominant, and I got the same result the first time I let all my mixed colours go to seed together although I also got quite a few with purple dusting which are nice.

    1. High Rowan,
      I've only got a few purples in the bed, so will be trying to get some seed from them for an F2 growout. These biennials test a man's ppatience...