12 May 2013

F3 pea progress

My January and March plantings of my F3 seed from my most promising lines of yellow snows mauve snows and purple snows are just setting pods - but I'm due to go on leave this week for the next 3 months touring the desert and Kimberley. I tried to time my holidays to occur after pod set, but miscalculated. Hope my quickly instructed assistant Craig will document and pod collect in my absence.
There are some very promising lines in the earliest flowerers - a wonderful wobbly podded yellow snom, and lots of purple and mauves to explore - but none seem to be snows at the moment. I've got dwarfs, and disease resistant lines going as well, so hoping for a big growout next spring. I will have 30 metres of row at my new garden, so have decided to commit the whole big bed to peas for spring.

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