09 December 2012

More onions

A few pics of my topset onion inflorescences.

Here's the normal case for my topsets - a little bunch of onion bulbils
Normal bulbils on topsets

But this year - and a bit over the last few years - I've spotted some flowers on my topsets. Info on inducing flowering in garlic, that can be encouraged to set flowers if properly manipulated can be found here.

No reason not to try it on my topsets. so this spring I've been de-bulbil-ing the inflorescences on my topsets. The close proximity of a few rows of flowering bunching onions might allow a bit of cross pollination, so who knows what might result.
Honeybee on the bunching onion flowers
There are lots of pollinators around, and there seems to be a few flowers on the topsets that have set seed. A few weeks will tell if I (and the bees) have been successful.

What looks like pollinated flowers on my topset onions

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