09 October 2012

It's getting well into spring, and the last of my F2 plants are drying down their last pods. I'm so keen to try for a spring generation, but not sure if I can afford the bed space for sufficiently numerous growouts for proper assessment.

The good news is one of my autumn F2 growouts from summer grown seed has produced a half purple snow! As a bonus, it's sweet as well. I've only got about 12 seeds off it - powdery mildew has really hammered the winter grown plants.

In my impatience, I've sown 3 seeds of this Plant 6 half purple, just to see if it is homo or heterozygous for half purple. I know, too small a number for any real assessment, but if i get a green pod plant out of the three I've sown, at least I know its hetero.

I've also sown 10 seeds from Plant 4, a full fibered full purple plant, which was the earliest to set seed. Hoping to get at least a half snow out of it.

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