16 June 2012

Winter pea sowing :(

I've been away for a couple of weeks into the far north west corner of New South Wales into the Strezlecki Desert and the Bullo Overflow chasing grass wrens (another crazy obsession worthy of its own blog), but before I left I harvested half of the crop of mature, but still green pods from my Chamber of Death X Purple podded F1 plants. I quickly dried them down over a couple of days in the dehydrator, and sowed them hoping I could squeeze an extra generation into the growing year.
I'm somewhat limited for space, and thought to utilise the ground along the back fence where my espalier apricots are now dormant - and hoping i could get a F2 generation growout setting pods before the leaves set on the apricots in spring.
But last night checking the 80 cells I sowed them into in the greenhouse, only one tiny shoot has appeared. A bit of careful excavation revealed some rotten seeds in the cells - most disappointed.

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