16 December 2011

The assessment trials - results

I sowed fifteen types of pea seed from a heap of accessions donated to me from a crop breeding institute. This was mostly for seed increase, and to check suitability of my growing conditions, and any other characteristics that might be useful in a breeding program.
I couldn't really sample the crop - since I only had about 5 seeds from each variety, this crop was mostly to increase the amount of seed I had of each variety, so I can experiment a bit next autumn.
The production was most variable, some varieties yielding 16 pods per plant, others only one, so at least it speaks to considerable diversity in the mix.

Also of note was one plant of Angela's Blue, which produced half blue pods. I've stored this seperately, and will grow it out next autumn to see how it segregates out.

The pods are all drying in my warm spare room, hung up in the little organza bags I whipped up on the machine last week - the ones from the shop were too expensive, and too small.

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