26 November 2011

Cross pollination aid for middle-aged eyesight

I've been wandering out early mornings with my first cup of coffee for the last month or so, seeking flower buds for crossing purposes. But in the dim 6 am light, a certain wine induced bleariness, and my aging eyes, emasculating tiny buds - which have been getting tinier as the season warms up - has necessitated some visual augmentation.
I could have purchased some neat fold down magnifiers, but they are a bit steep in price, and I procrastinated, and didn't order them, two weeks delivery for online purchases, blah blah blah, so this morning, frustrated, I dug out a couple of hand lenses, an old peaked cap, and tried to get a self supporting magnifier that left both hands free for delicate surgery.

Wasn't working...then i remembered my old bike helmet, which I had rigged up with an eye level rear vision mirror - before these things became standard attachments in the eighties - which dates me and the helmet. A bit of foam from a shrink wrap vege tray to protect the mirror, a bulldog clip, and I'm set...

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