12 February 2017

Little Flame dwarf tomato project results

A few years ago i crossed Jaune Flammee with a dwarf white tomato early generation of 'Snowy'.
Here's some of the results.

Seed Crop of Purple Sowpeas

It looks like my first vegetable breeding project is approaching the end.

Since I have limited garden space, I paid some friends to grow out seed crops in their more extensive gardens. Last summer, Rich and Gemma grew my first two lines, Heather Purple Snowpea, and Joni's Taxi Yellow Snowpea. I got around a kilo of each.

This season Rich and Gemma grew my Jupiter Purple Snowpea, and Delta Dusk, another purple snowpea that I've had in development. As insurance another friend Mal who lives about 200 km away grew out the same two lines.

So now I have a couple of kilograms of seed from each line from Rich and Gemma, and I am just doing a final drying down of a smaller but substantial crop from Mal's garden.

Project complete. Now I need towork on distribution.